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Each week we make our Sunday Morning messages available for replay. Our goal is that you will be able to draw closer to Jesus as you listen to the messages on this page.

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Do you exercise your faith? We often view training and exercise from the standpoint of sporting activities or keeping fit. What about your spiritual fitness? Listen in as Pastor John Risner speaks from 1 Timothy chapter 4 during our morning worship service this week.
This is the fourth week of our Wednesday Night study on Angels. Listen in as Pastor Stan Grizzle leads a biblical study on the topic of Angels.  
Have you ever thought about your church organization? Elders, Deacons, Overseers. Listen to our morning message as Pastor John Risner preaches from 1 Timothy chapter 3.
Do you have a personal gaurdian angel? Listen in as Pastor Stan Grizzle speaks about this question from a biblical perspective.
This morning we start a new sermon series from the book of 1 Timothy titled The Good Fight. Listen in as Pastor John Risner teaches about Paul's encouragement to Timothy.
This morning we finish our series in Nehemiah with a message from Pastor Jeremy Hostetler that comes from Nehemiah chapter 6.
This week our study will focus on several specific Angels that you have heard about.
What sort of opposition did you face this week? Whatever that opposition may be, please know that God is with you. Listen to our message this morning from Pastor John Risner and take encouragement from Nehemiah as we hear how God helped him face his opposition. 
Where do we find the truth about Angels...The secular world or the Bible?
Steve Tybor is our guest speaker this morning during Sunday School. He is sharing from his experiences with Eight Days of Hope.