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Each week we make our Sunday Morning messages available for replay. Our goal is that you will be able to draw closer to Jesus as you listen to the messages on this page.

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Receiving gifts isn’t always comfortable. We tend to think we don’t need it. Receiving can put us in a vulnerable position because it admits our need. What are some things you have received from God?
Rembering helps us worship God for what He has done. Listen in as Pastor John Risner continues preaching from the Recalibrate sermon series.
Worship recalibrates our hearts to God. To recalibrate means “to carefully adjust or align something again.”
When you are tempted...God always provides A Way Out. Listen in as Pastor John Risner shares a message from 1 Corinthians 10:12-13 that will encourage you as you head into 2020.
This week we conclude our Advent sermon series with a message from Pastor John Risner...Love Has Come.
The third week of Advent we take a look at Joy, from Luke chapter 2 as we recount the Shepherd experience on the night that Jesus was born.
Week 2 of Advent and a message from Matthew chapter 2 drawing our minds toward Peace.
We kick off Advent with this week as we look at the Luke chapter 1. In this passage we learn from Zechariah and Elizabeth when the God let them know that their hope for a child would come to pass.  
This morning we close out "The Good Fight" sermon series with a message from 1 Timothy 6. Listen in as Pastor John Risner teaches from God's Word. 
This is week 6 and the final week of our Wednesday Night bible study. Listen in as Pastor Stan Grizzle as he let's us know that The Real Hell's Angels Don't Ride Motorcycles.