Vision Statement
Our vision at MCA is to become a vibrant community of transformed people committed to sharing the life giving power of Jesus with the world.
Our goal is to accomplish this vision through the following 7 planks of the vision.

Expect spiritual growth from the members of MCA and provide experiences and training that will facilitate ongoing transformation

Values Expressed:  Discipleship (Importance of Teaching, Obedience, Accountability, and Clearly Defined Goals for Growth)

Community Outreach
Become intentional about equipping our church with the tools and training needed to skillfully share the life giving power of Jesus within every community represented at MCA. 

Values Expressed:  Evangelism, Involvement in our Communities, Empowerment for Personal Ministry, Discipleship 

Corporate Worship

Seek to create a warm empowering environment during our weekly celebration that inspires people to a deeper love and reverence for God, continual transformation into Godly character, and rich love for each other.

Values Expressed:  Passion to love God, Excellence in Sunday Morning Celebration, Welcoming/Supportive Environment, Discipleship, Fellowship, Empowerment for Personal Ministry, Worship

Strive to become an honest, devoted, caring church community; fully committed to following Jesus and loving each other.

Values Expressed:  Vibrant Community, Fellowship, Discipleship, Accountability

Children's Ministry

Equip and aid our congregation’s families in the training of their children so that the children of MCA are given the best opportunity to live a vibrant transformed life in Jesus Christ.

Values Expressed:  Children’s Ministry, Ministry to Family, Discipleship


Become a vibrant community of hope that is especially sensitive to and proactive towards those who are hurting emotionally, physically, or relationally.  

Values Expressed:  Service to Others, Evangelism, Care for the Outcast (those at the margins of society), Help for those caught in addictions, Counseling,Empowerment for Personal Ministry

Cross-Cultural Missions

Continue to strengthen our commitment to and involvement in cross-cultural mission work around the world.  

Values Expressed:  Evangelism, Discipleship, Giving, Service