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Each week we make our Sunday Morning messages available for replay. Our goal is that you will be able to draw closer to Jesus as you listen to the messages on this page.

Paul is a member of MCA and is sometimes called upon to preach during the Sunday Morning Worship service at MCA.

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This morning’s message will focus on how Jesus called Peter by name. Even though Peter witnessed firsthand the miracles of Jesus and stood in the empty tomb, a week or so later it seems he lost his focus and was ready to go back and go fishing.
A message from Paul Mullet entitled: "The Missing Letter". In his message Paul challenges us to seek out the mission and purpose that God has placed on our lives.
A message by Paul Mullet to kick off the new year at MCA. Pauls message comes from Phillipians.
A message from Paul Mullet entitled: "Classrooms, Playgrounds & Straight A's". In his message Paul recounts his school days and encourages us to build others up with Acceptance, Affirmation, Affection, Appreciation and Attention.
A message by Paul Mullet entitled: "Trapped In A Foreign Country". In his message Paul speaks about the traps that Satan lays for us to distract us from our Christain journey. He also shares how we can gain freedom from those traps through faith in Jesus.
A message from Paul Mullet entitled: "Learning the 3 R's". In his message Paul teaches how to resolve pain by taking it to the "room of God's Grace". Focusing on the amazing grace that God has given us through Jesus Christ, will help you overcome the dark places of life that we sometimes must deal with.
A message from Paul Mullet entitled "Take Up Your Cross". In his message Paul provides a visual demostration and story about Jesus' sacrifice from the perspective of a Roman Cross Builder. He reminds us of how Jesus surrendered all for the forgiveness of our sins. His challenge to us is to take up our cross and surrender to the Grace that God has provided to us through Jesus Christ.
A message from Paul Mullet entitled "First, Last and Keys In Between". In his message Paul reminds us of the important lessons Jesus taught. He encourages us to keep these teachings in front of us as reminders that lead us to a life that Follows Jesus.

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