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Stan Grizzle has served in various ministry positions over the past 41 years. Most recently Stan was the pastor of Cornerstone Mennonite Church in Hartville, Ohio. He retired from Cornerstone in April 2018 after serving for 21 years. He and his wife Susan live in Akron, Ohio and have two children and two grandchildren.

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This is week 6 of our eight week study in the book of Revelation
This sermon wraps up the Conversations With Solomon sermon series with our final look at Ecclesiastes. Listen in as Pastor Stan Grizzle shares a biblical view of how we can face an uncertain future.
This is week five of our study through the book of Revelation.
This is week four of our eight week study in Revelation
Week 3 of the Wednesday Night study through the book of Revelation. Take note that we are now adding handouts to the podcast.
This is week 2 of our Wednesday night bible study from the book of Revelation.
This is the seventh sermon in our Conversations with Solomon series. Listen as Pastor Stan Grizzle shares from the perspective of Solomon about work.
A Wednesday Night Bible Study through the Book of Revelation. Week one focused on...Keys to Understanding the Book of Revelation.
How much money is enough? Solomon asked that question about 5,000 years ago. Ecclesiastes 5:11 (TLB) … “What is the advantage of wealth?”
The problem most of us face is worry over money. When problems arise, we are tempted to think that a little more money would solve the problem.
We subconsciously think … If I have more money, then I’ll be happy.  Ecclesiastes 5 is a practical commentary on money and financial integrity.
Death is a topic that most people don’t want to talk about. When people talk about death and dying – they often use terms like: “passing on” or “slipping away” or “going to a better place.” Funerals are now called “a celebration of life service.” Cemeteries are now known as “memorial gardens.” 
The statistics on people dying are 100 percent. That makes it a relevant subject. Solomon speaks honestly about death and dying in words of realism balanced with hope. What does Solomon have to say to us about ... “What happens after I die?”
The End is a Wednesday Night Study through the book of Revelation. Wednesday nights starting at 7:00pm

The End Outline

February 27th   Keys To Understanding the Book Of Revelation
March 13th   Transported in Time to See Jesus 
How To Find The Perfect Church
March 20th   A Glimpse Into Heaven
A Look at The Book of Revelation
The Seals and The Sealed
March 27th   Trumpet Lessons
Divine Parenthesis and Spirtual Warfare
Past, Present and Future
April 3rd   Beasts...Bowls...and Babylon
April 10th   The Eternal State
April 17th   Living in a Perfect World and Judge Jesus
Trial, Verdict and Sentence
April 24th   What Will Heaven Be Like?

Cafés are a natural place to engage in conversations about God. Many of us don’t just swing by for a quick caffeine fix and then dash out. We like to sit down, relax, and read a book or engage in conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee with espresso brownies or cranberry-orange muffins.

A coffee shop is a superb place to talk about what’s important … what makes for good life … why we should be moral … what is really real.

In café chats … you ultimately get down to the issues of truth and reality … the fundamentals of any philosophy of life. Let’s imagine walking into the Salt Creek Cafe and getting our coffee and sitting down and striking up a conversation with a stranger there who happens to be Solomon. What direction do you think that conversation would take? What would we talk about? I believe we have that conversation recorded for us in the Book of Ecclesiastes.
During the month of December we will celebrate Advent with this sermon series about Christmas....

Hope - Christmas Is A Time To Share The Gospel
Faith - Christmas Is A Time to Prepare Your Heart
Joy - Christmas Is A Time to Search for Joy
Peace - Christmas Is A Time to Hear From Angels
During this three week series Pastor Stan Grizzle will speak about marriage, relationships and children.
Over the next several weeks we will focus our morning sermons on the topic of Prayer. Often times we have the wrong view of prayer and it's purpose for our Christian Faith. During this series we will take an indepth look at prayer and how it is a critical foundation of our relationship with God. 
Have you ever felt that your life was too full? Do you feel your life is overloaded? The average person today faces a myriad of different pressures. For some, I’m sure, it feels like they are in a pressure cooker. Whether it is economic pressure, or family pressure, or pressure related to our jobs – we all know what the stresses of daily life can be like. This two week mini series is intended to help you understand how a life that seeks and follows Jesus can clear the pressure of life.

Topics of general interest.