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Cory and Lynnette Detweiler live in Fredericksburg, OH and have been serving MCA since June 2015. Cory is a Pastoral Intern at MCA and serves in one of our young adult groups.

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This week we open up 1 Corinthians 3 to see what we can learn about that beautiful mess of a church. The chapter aims to address the division that the church is facing. Paul reminds the church that they don’t belong to any specific leader, but instead they are people of God. He then goes on to tell them how the church has been built. The foundation of the Church is Jesus, and each one should consider how they will build on that foundation. Finally, Paul stresses to the Church that it is in them that God’s Spirit resides.

In this week’s message, we will examine the nature of Authentic Worship. Authentic worship goes beyond outward visible forms of worship. It requires firstly that we have been transformed. As we are transformed, our response to God is authentic worship. Psalms, the book of worship for God’s people for thousands of years, contains many examples of authentic worship. They beautifully express praise to God. Other writings in the Psalms are more disturbing. Causing us to wonder...Can I say that?
A message from Cory Detweiler from the "Life In Babylon" sermon series entitled: Wisdom In Babylon. In his message Cory looks at Daniel chapter 2. The purpose of the sermon will be to look at how we should utilize the wisdom of God, rather then turn to the wisdom found in Babylon. We see examples of both in Chapter 2. Nebuchadnezzar in his time of need turns to the wisdom of Babylon, while Daniel seeks the wisdom of God.

A message from Cory Detweiler from the Jesus Unvarnished series entitled: "Welcome To The Kingdom". In his message Cory looks at Jesus’ commands not to judge, or condemn; and that we should forgive and give. Jesus seems to be telling his disciples that they are to be gracious and forgiving as they welcome sinners into the kingdom of God. 

A message from Cory Detweiler entitled "Celebrate In The Lord". Cory's message comes from Philippians chapter 4 and focuses our attention on how God guards our hearts from anxiety through prayer. 

A message by Cory Detweiler from the 1 John sermon series entitled: "3 John". This message is an extension of the 1 John sermon series and closes out the series.

A message from Cory Detweiler from the 1 John sermon series entitled: "Walking In The Light". Cory kicks off the 1 John sermon series preaching from 1 John chapter 1.
A message by Cory Detweiler from the "A Cruciform Life" sermon series entitled: "The Penalty Is Paid". This is the second sermon of the series. In his message Cory makes the destinction between the old testament covering of sin and the forgiveness of sin through the death of Jesus.
A message by Cory Detweiler from the Wait sermon series entitled: "God With Us". In his message Cory points out the importance of recognizing Jesus as fully human and also recongnizing him as fully God.
A message from Cory Detweiler entilted: "Misplaced Passions". In his message Cory draws from James chapter 4 and speaks about the priorities and passions that we have in our lives.
A 12 week study of 1 Corinthians. In this series we will constantly be asking the question, “What does this book tell us about the church?”
This series is designed to help free people up to be authentic before God. Many people live with the idea that God isn’t interested in their sadness or disappointments and so they pretend those moments don’t exist for them. The Bible paints a very different picture about the kinds of interactions spiritual people have with God. In fact, as you read the Bible, you might find yourself asking the question, “Can I Say That?” to God. Each message in this series will examine stories and passages of scripture that reveal the kinds of lengths people went to in order to express their real selves to God. More importantly, we will take a look at Gods’ response to people who approached him authentically. Our hope and prayer is that through this series God’s Spirit would help us live in a vibrant and truthful walk with Jesus.
Throughout the Bible, the city of Babylon is a metaphor for empire. And empires are always opposed to God because they compete with God for the ultimate allegiance of their people. Daniel and his friends were ripped out of their culture and taken to Babylon where they were forced to figure out how to be God’s people in a culture and country that was not godly and even set up to oppose God. How did Daniel respond to this dilemma? What does his story teach us about living and contributing to the good of our neighbors and countrymen while maintaining an identity and calling very different from theirs?

This six week sermon series will look at the book of Daniel to see what we might learn about living for God's Kingdom in the midst of a Babylonian type culture.

The aim of this series is to help us learn more deeply to abide in him, see what he sees in our world, and follow his direction. In each of these weeks, we want to ask these questions:

What was Jesus like?
What was He saying?
How does he invite us to be like Him?
How does this accomplish His mission?

As you have sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world. (John 17:18)

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