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This Sunday is Baptism Sunday at MCA. This Sunday’s message is pretty straightforward. We want to ask and seek to answer several questions surrounding baptism. Why do we do baptism and what does it mean? Why should you get baptized? Why you shouldn’t get baptized. Baptisms help us remember that God is at work; changing people’s lives and we are called to the work of spreading the gospel of Jesus.
This is the last Sunday in our series, “Can I Say That,” a series about developing authentic faith. For deep and authentic faith to take root, God must become real to us. Jesus tells us that his sheep hear his voice and listen to him. For many, God is far away and rather distant. He is the all-powerful someone that wants your list of requests. But when it comes to hearing his voice, or pausing to listen, many get uncomfortable and start squirming. This Sunday, we will talk about how we develop a holy imagination that helps us move toward God, listening for his voice.
More than 40% of the Psalms are psalms of lament. When people lament, it means they express sorrow, grief, regret, mourning, or even hatred or anger. We don’t like these feelings and often seek to distance ourselves from them as fast as possible. But this doesn’t seem to be the advice of scripture. As we look at Psalm 126 today, we will begin to understand why. The irony is that the faster we run from helpful lament, the less joy and peace we experience.
In this week’s message, we will examine the nature of Authentic Worship. Authentic worship goes beyond outward visible forms of worship. It requires firstly that we have been transformed. As we are transformed, our response to God is authentic worship. Psalms, the book of worship for God’s people for thousands of years, contains many examples of authentic worship. They beautifully express praise to God. Other writings in the Psalms are more disturbing. Causing us to wonder...Can I say that?
A message by Pastor Kelsey Jurkovich entitled: "Grace for Sons and Sinners". In his message Pastor Kelsey teaches from the book of Jonah and parrells Jonah's situation to the Grace that God has provided through Jesus Christ.
A message by Bishop John Brown from the book of Jude. In his message John speaks about the differences between being a contender for Jesus or a pretender.
This week’s message continues the goal of helping us learn to live an authentic faith walk with God. However, this week we are asking the question, “Can being authentic be a bad thing?” While Christians often get criticized for being inauthentic or hypocritical, authenticity that is not directed by the Holy Spirit is also dangerous. This message will seek to reveal the beauty of true faith filled authenticity.
This week’s message takes a look at a few desperate people in scripture and God’s response to their honest and daring moves toward him. What we will see from these stories is that God honors the spiritually desperate. However, the kind of desperation God honors requires our giving up of control....and this is difficult to do.
The final message of the sermon series "Cultivating Great Relationships". In his message Pastor Jeremy closes out the series from Philemon speaking about accountablility in our relationships.
A message from Paul Mullet entitled: "The Missing Letter". In his message Paul challenges us to seek out the mission and purpose that God has placed on our lives.