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Churches who are growing young are churches who care about the neighborhoods they live in. This message will draw from the story of the Good Samaritan and examine how we become the kind of church that actively cares about our communities. The message may be challenging because there are various ways in which we are called to be good neighbors that get under our skin and cause us discomfort.
In years past, many churches have assumed that if they can create a concert like atmosphere that gives off a super trendy vibe, young people will be attracted to the church and begin to follow Jesus. This Sunday we begin with the scriptures in which we examine the results of the Spirit’s movement among people. The New Testament reveals that when God’s Spirit dwells among a people, there is warmth and care for each other (Shocking!). Moreover, research indicates that young people crave this reality far more than the attractional model of church life so many churches have chased over the last several decades. This is good news, because this is the kind of community we often are and can consistently become. For young people today, “Warm” is the new cool.
This message is about the “message” effective churches are instilling in their young people. In this message we will examine the importance of a Jesus centered message and its effect on young people’s faith. We will also examine a few popular “messages” in churches that do not help young people develop a mature faith.
The message foundation is found in Christ who became like us in order to express his love for us and save us. We call this action...empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Jesus could have saved us from a distance, without getting to close to our messiness. But he didn’t.
This morning’s message will focus on how Jesus called Peter by name. Even though Peter witnessed firsthand the miracles of Jesus and stood in the empty tomb, a week or so later it seems he lost his focus and was ready to go back and go fishing.
This morning’s message is about hearing God’s voice...and saying yes. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that God gives his people assignments and our work is to be faithful and trust him in obedience. We will be drawing from the Old Testament story of Moses to help us understand frequent patterns in God’s call on our lives. This is the last message in our Pivot series. Understanding that God has designed us for specific tasks and learning to understand and live in those assignments is key to following Jesus.
This week’s message is about our primary task as followers of Jesus, prayer. The aim for the message this week is not to induce guilt about our prayerlessness, but to inspire and equip us toward a more full and effective prayer life. We will get really practical in answering questions about prayer and how we can become more focused and effective in prayer.
In week 2 of our “Pivot” series, we will be examining the work of the Holy Spirit. We can do nothing of value in the Kingdom of God without empowerment of the Holy Spirit. So, what does it look like to move with the Spirit? How do we move with the Spirit? How do we come into alignment with God’s Spirit? One message can’t begin to answer in great depth many of those questions, but the hope is that our eyes will be opened and our spirits receptive to God’s movement in our lives.
The first truth, in the Pivot Series, we want to revisit is that the abundant life Jesus promises his followers ONLY happens after we die a spiritual death. To put it another way, in the Kingdom of God death precedes life. The big questions from this teaching are these:
1. For the not-yet-Christian, “Are you ready to let go of your life and give up, dying and submitting to the call of Christ on your life?”
2. For the already-Christian, “What must die in your life so that you can really live?”
The message this morning is the final message of our Work As Worship Series. Kevin West, from Invisible Insights, is our guest speaker and teaches from Mark chapter 2.