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This week’s message continues the goal of helping us learn to live an authentic faith walk with God. However, this week we are asking the question, “Can being authentic be a bad thing?” While Christians often get criticized for being inauthentic or hypocritical, authenticity that is not directed by the Holy Spirit is also dangerous. This message will seek to reveal the beauty of true faith filled authenticity.
This week’s message takes a look at a few desperate people in scripture and God’s response to their honest and daring moves toward him. What we will see from these stories is that God honors the spiritually desperate. However, the kind of desperation God honors requires our giving up of control....and this is difficult to do.
The final message of the sermon series "Cultivating Great Relationships". In his message Pastor Jeremy closes out the series from Philemon speaking about accountablility in our relationships.
A message from Paul Mullet entitled: "The Missing Letter". In his message Paul challenges us to seek out the mission and purpose that God has placed on our lives.
A message from Pastor Jeremy Miller from the Cultivating Growing Relationships sermon series entitled: "Selling Out". What churches need and what people are looking for is a sense of community and togetherness and friendship. The reality is that true friendship requires a level of commitment that terrifies most people. This Sunday’s message will look again at the book of Philemon to reveal what genuine commitment looks like and how it affects the relationships we are a part of.
A sermon by Pastor Jeremy Miller entitled "Healing the Breaks". Pastor Jeremy starts out in Philemon and transition to a focus on using scripture to guide our daily lives. Please take a listen.
Great relationships are built when they are mutually beneficial. In our passage today, Paul relates to Philemon in a way that is mutually beneficial and will strengthen the relationships of all involved.
The bad news is that we are all broken, but the great news of Jesus is that he can heal us. One of the most powerful principles in our quest to cultivate great relationships is to learn to believe the good news about other people. In Paul’s letter to Philemon, we see that Paul views Philemon as someone that Jesus is transforming and, thus, Philemon has all kinds of traits Paul can affirm. To develop great relationships, it is critical for us to look for the good in others and affirm it.
At some point in our lives, most of us have though about buying a deserted island in the Pacific somewhere, living by ourselves in order to avoid dealing with a difficult relationship. Relationships can be hard. Tucked away toward the end of the Bible is a tiny little book titled Philemon. Although this book is only one chapter long, it carries a message of hope to those who want to build healthy relationships. This week’s message will focus on the first three verses of this book and will lay the foundation for all great relationships.
A message by Pastor Jeremy Miller entitled "The Beauty Of The Resurrection".  In his message Pastor Jeremy outlines the reality of the resurrection of Jesus and beautiful change that can bring about in our lives.